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"We need representation from someone who was raised in a rural area who knows the issues our communities face. Our region has long since been neglected by ineffective representation in Albany who would rather be obstructionists than a part of the solution. I still work 9 to 5. I know the stakes. I know what it’s like to be uninsured and I know what it’s like to choose between groceries and gas. I’m going to Albany to fight for the working class, not sell them out.

- Eric Ball



Reproductive health decisions must remain between a woman and her doctor, not set by legislators in Albany or Washington. It is essential that New York State continue to offer safe access to abortions, birth control, and family planning services like IVF. As the only pro-choice candidate in this race, I will protect the 2019 Reproductive Health Act. Further, I am committed to enshrining our fundamental right to abortion in the New York State Equality Amendment.


Climate change is a threat to our local economies and infrastructure and will take the cooperation of private businesses and our government to address it in a meaningful way. My hometown of Walton, NY has suffered two devastating floods in the last 20 years which have wreaked havoc on our development district. I am the only candidate in this race who recognizes the threat of climate change and is committed to creative solutions and flood mitigation projects that work for our economy and our planet.


Elected representatives should seek to increase participation, not restrict it. As a State Senator, I pledge to protect our democratic process through safe, accountable, and unrestricted absentee/early voting. The way to protect democracy is to appeal to more voters, not stifle the opposition through voter suppression and corporate PAC advertising. Our elected officials must represent constituent interests over corporate greed. In Albany, I will do just that.


Growing up in an agricultural community I have watched our family farms neglected by policies from Albany that favor corporate farming. But small family farms are the backbone of our District. I will support legislation that makes it easier for farmers to hire workers and sell directly to consumers, and I will also support agricultural initiatives that deliver meaningful protections to farmers, their families, and their employees.


Healthcare is a human right, period. I know what it is like to be one of the almost 1,000,000 uninsured New Yorkers. That is why I support the New York Health Act which would cover every New York resident regardless of age, income, or employment. No person should have to decide between keeping the electricity on and medical care. We can and will do better.


Infrastructure projects are government investments in people and business. Rural broadband makes working from home possible. Modern waste treatment systems keep our drinking water clean. Affordable housing projects keep the workforce viable. As your state senator, I will work to expand these critical projects that keep our area clean and thriving.

affordable housing

Even as Federal and State grant money pours across New York State to address the affordable housing crisis, our District lags behind in grants received. Securing funding for our communities is a critical part of public service. As property costs skyrocket and rents rise, I will fight for our District’s fair share of available grant money to build new affordable housing options, secure existing ones, and work with private businesses to find solutions that work for our communities – not just big corporations.


 Organized labor built a better country: safer working conditions, equal pay, and the weekend itself are all products of American workers demanding fair treatment. All I ask is that workers have the right to organize as they choose, without Albany thumbing the scale in favor of their bosses. In me, workers in all sectors will have a state representative who will provide protection from predatory practices and unsafe working conditions. 

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